Best tasty foods for weight loss – fat burning foods

Let’s talk about the biggest problem in today’s life that most of the people’s are facing that is overweight and extra fat in their body. In this article we will discuss about best tasty foods for weight loss which work as fat burning foods.

When we search for the foods for weight loss, we will get lots of article in internet but most of the listed items in articles are very difficult to eat and follow in daily life. Either the weight loss foods are not available in our kitchen or they are very bad in taste that makes very difficult to use them.

In this article we will tell you about best healthy and tasty foods for weight loss which will help you in weight loss and promote fat burning. You can easily find those foods in your kitchen and they are tasty in taste soo anyone can easily eat those foods for weight loss.

Tasty foods for weight loss

1. Healthy and tasty sandwich for weight loss

Sandwiches are best healthy and tasty foods for weight loss you can easily eat sandwich everyday because they are very tasty in taste which you love most. Sandwiches are made up of bread which don’t make you fat.

You can eat sandwich by filling them with onions, tomatoes, chilly, cabbage and other tasty vegetables, you can use chilly or tomato sauce for good taste.

Another new idea for eating sandwich are for those who don’t like to eat raw vegetables is you and add cooked vegetables inside your sandwich it makes it taste more delicious.

Don’t use oil or butter in your sandwich because they contain more fat and calories and enjoy your sandwich.

2. Boiled eggs for weight loss

Eggs are best source of protein, which help in muscle gain and burning of fat in your body. For fat loss you can take boiled egg in breakfast, lunch or in dinner. You can also take it in place of snacks and in between meals. It is best tasty foods for weight loss.

You can also eat boiled egg by adding vegetables in it. Cut small pieces of onions, tomatoes, chilly and other vegetables and eat it with boiled egg, It taste really amazing.

Don’t eat omlet, eat only boiled egg for weight loss.

3. Nuts for weight loss

Everyone knows about the benefits of eating nuts that is they have high protein and Nutritional values which help us to maintain our body. Its is tasty foods for weight loss.

Every nut have high nutritional values but people compare their nutritional values with their cost. Many people have wrong information that costly nuts have high nutritional values as compared to cheaper one.

You can take nuts in evening snacks or in morning breakfast by eating nuts you have low hunger and feelings of fullness so you eat less and increase weight loss.

4. Salad for weight loss

Yes, its sounds really booring to have salad but you can make it interesting by adding some extra things in it and after that it really become tasty foods for weight loss.

When we talk about how to make a tasty salad then there are few common things that we add like Tomato, onion, raddish, chilly, cucumber. Now its time to make our salad taste good so we have to add sprouts, boiled chickpeas, and other tasty pulses that you like to add. Then add chat masala and salt in it. It really taste soo amazing after it.

You can take tasty salad in place of breakfast or lunch or with it.

5. Green tea for weight loss

If you are a tea lover then its time to break-up with your love, for your health and weight loss. There are many major effects in body who drink more tea.

In place of your regular tea now you hove to add Green tea for your better health and for loosing your weight. There are many benefits of green tea other then weight loss, it saves you from many diseases and keep you healthy and fit.

All you have to do is buy a pack of green tea from market and drink every morning in empty stomach. Boil a cup of water and put green tea bag for 4-5 minutes in it and enjoy it but if its taste bad then you can add few drops of honey and lemon in it which makes it tastes good.

6. Coconut water for weight loss

Coconut water is best and tasty with many health benefits. Drinking coconut water 3-4 times in a weak will be soo much helpful in weight loss. Other then weight loss coconut water will also makes your skin glow and keep you hydrated.

soo next time when ever you see any coconut water seller, stop and drink coconut water.

7. Fruits for weight loss

Fruits are the god of health every fruit have many different kinds of health benefits. You can eat any fruit which is available to you. They have low fat and calories which make your health great. Fruits have high nutritional values which make you fit and active. It improve your digestive system and makes you healthy and fit. They are best tasty foods for weight loss.

You can take fruits in place of lunch or breakfast or in place of snacks.

Eat only fresh fruits never eat rotten fruits it downs your health.

8. Soya been for weight loss

Soya been is always comes under everyone’s favorite food because it tastes really amazing. Soyabeen has high protein and other important nutrients and minerals like calcium, pottasium, iron etc. Soya been is best tasty foods for weight loss.

It has low calorie and high protein values. You can also make salad with Soya bean for weight loss by adding onion, tomatoes, peas, cucumber, sprouts etc with salt and chat masala. It tastes very good.

Soo those are some of the best tasty food for weight loss. Daily intake of those foods will help you in fast burning of fat inside you.

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