Depression in teenagers – how to deal with depression

Depression in teenagers are more common nowadays, every 1 in 10 teenager is in depression due to personal, family or society problems. It is not any simple problem, if it is not treated in its initial stage then it may be very dangerous.

Teenage is most complicated phase of life where we have to face many different types of situations, a lot of things happen with us in this age which make us confused, angry, sad, depressed etc. In this stage of life you are not mature enough to face the harsh reality of life, you have many expectations in this age and you want to fullfill it for yourself or for others and if those expectations not fullfill then it leads to depression in teenagers.

Here we are going to discuss about what is depression, its symptoms, causes and treatment in easy language.

What is depression ?

If you are feeling sad, hopeless and you don’t want to do anything, just want to be in your room or any personal space for more than two weeks than it may be Depression.

In depression you loss intrest in every thing, also you don’t want to talk to anyone about anything. You feel like crying everytime.

Other things you notice in depression is being angry on small things, loss of weight and too much sleeping.

What is difference between simple sadness and depression ?

When we talk about different between sadness and depression then there are many factors which are different in both.

In simple sadness you are sad due to recent experience or by remembering your past bad experiences that makes you sad. It may be anything your relationship, snake friends or any family issues. In simple sadness you are sad about 1 or 2 days and after that you will be again back to your normal life.

But in depression you are thinking again and again about your past or recent bad experience. You are being sad all day long from morning to night even you can’t sleep also. If this is happening for more than two weeks then it is Depression.

The simple difference between sadness and depression is timing of your sadness and other factors. If it is more then two weeks or it is for few days.

Symptoms of depression in teenagers

As we already discussed about what is depression and difference between depression and sadness. Lets have a look about what are the symptoms of depression in teenagers you are going to notice.

  1. Sadness for more than two weeks.
  2. Being angry on small things.
  3. Loss of interest in everything.
  4. Don’t want to talk with anyone.
  5. Want to cry.
  6. Loss of hunger.
  7. Everytime want to be alone.
  8. Weight loss.
  9. Feeling sleepy all time.
  10. Don’t want to go to school/College or any public places.
  11. Every time thinking of sucides or other things for self-harm.

Those are some of the major symptoms and signs of depression that a depression person feel. We are going to discuss about how to deal with depression below in this article.

Causes of depression in teenagers

Teenage is best part of our life that we are sure going to miss in our adulthood but as you know everything has two sides good and bad.

There are many good things happen with us in this age but more then that bad things also happens. Many people don’t know how to handle it and go to depression.

Some of the major causes of depression in teenagers are :

Psychological causes of depression

Relationship or love problems

If you are a teenager and read this then you can relate most. About 95% of teenagers are in depression due to relationship problems. Some of them are in depression due to their relationship break-up, some are in depression due to fear of rejection, some due to not having girlfriend/boyfriend and alot of more causes of depression is there in today’s teenagers.

Family problems

Many teenagers are suffering from depression due to family issues like fighting between parents, devorce or any other stress in family. Many are also in depression by thinking that they are not valued in their family.

Carrier and studies problem

It is also a great cause of depression among many students. They are too much Focused on their career and studies that even a little fluctuation in their marks or not selected for any competitive examination make them to go in depression.

Society problem

Many teenagers mostly girls goes in depression due to society which is making pressure in them. It is about anything like early marriage or marriage against their feelings. Girls also go to depression after any sexual assault that they don’t have guts to tell anyone.

Biological causes of depression

Depression due to hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is one of the biggest causes of depression in teenagers. There are many hormones present in our brain which works according to our mood but due to imbalance in those brain hormones it leads to depression.

Genetics depression

Genetics plays very important role in our body, many major diseases passes through genetics from one generation to next. Depression may be also cause due to genetics.

Drugs and medication

High number of depression is also occur due to intake of drugs, alcohol and other medicines side effects. Many people use drugs and medicines for long time which results in depression.

How to deal with depression

As we discussed above there are mainly two causes of depression psychological causes and biological causes. Both the cause are vary person to person.

If we go to the doctor they will focus on biological causes like hormonal imbalance and give medication for the problem. After taking medication you will start feeling better for sometime but after lowering the effect of medication you will again start feeling same.

Antidepressants medication – Antidepressants medication will block the hormones which makes you feel sad and release those hormones which make you feel good.

The continue taking of medication will make you more addective to it as time passes the dose will also increase because your body want more and more medication that make it feels good.

Psychotherapy – In psychotherapy you will be treated by a trained psychotherapist. They will talk to you and try to treat your problem by talking to you about your problems and make your complicated problem simpler. They will perform different psychological activities to solve your problem. Of needed they will prescribe some meditations.

Treat your depression naturally by yourself

According to Ayurveda the cause of all the problem in our body is our food and lifestyle. If you change your way of living and eating healthy you will be fit mentally and physically.

Change your diet – Food is fuel of our body, it gives us Powder to perform psychologically and physically. If you put mixture fuel in your vehicle it will not perform well and also damages your engine. Like that of you are not eating healthy food it will affect your body as well as your mind. So eat healthy as well.

Wake up early – Waking up early sounds very booring but trust me it will change your life completely. When we wake early there is lot of positive energy is in environment that make you positive. If you wake up early and see rising sun with smooth cold wind it gives you lots of positive energy.

Be in open and light space – If you are in one small and dark room then leave that room and try to be in open and light space which makes you feel free and positive. Dark space make us more negative, if you are in depression it will make you more and if you are not in depression it will make you. So try to be in open space.

Bottom line ( Conclusion )

If you think you are sad or in depression then remember you are not the only one who is suffering from this alot of people are also there who are in depression and more then that there are many people who was in depression in their past and they come out of it successfully and living peaceful and happy life now.

Always remember, you have only one life that is very precious more then any other thing in this world. You only take birth once and die once. In between both there is a very beautiful life that is only for you. your every day and every second is very rare live it with open heart. Don’t waste your most beautiful and precious life for other people.

Move on from your past and Start a new journey for future, Good luck keep smiling.

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