Fractured leg – Causes, symptoms and treatment – broken leg treatment


Lets talk about fractured leg, what are the causes, symptoms and treatment of fractured leg. How to treat broken or fractured leg.

Our leg contain three main long bones that is Femur, Tibia and Fibula. And small bones, which are tarsals, metatarsals and phalanges. At middle leg contain a knee cap called patela. If any of these bones may break or cracked then it is called fracture of bone or leg.

Information about bones of leg

Femur bone

It is the longest and strongest bone of whole body. extending from hip bone to knee bone.

Tibia bone

Tibia is anterior bone of lower leg below knee. It is stronger and larger bone which takes load of body. Tibia bone connect knee with ankle below.

Fibula bone

Fibula is short and thin bone then tibia. It is present on lateral side or outer side of leg.

Patella bone

It is also called knee cap. patella is round traingular in shape and present on anterior of knee joint to protect knee joint.

Tarsal bones

Tarsal bone are seven in number present on ankle area. It helps in transferring body weight and free locomotion.

Metatarsal bones

Metatarsal bone are present in foot, which are group of five long bones connected with tarsal bones and phalanges.


There are fourteen phalanges in each side of foot. set of three phalanges are present in each finger and two phalanges are present on toes just like thumb in hand.

Cause of leg fracture

There will be many types of causes which result a leg fracture.

  • Accident
  • falling from height
  • slip while running
  • fall from motorbike
  • excess force or pressor on leg
  • injury in sports
  • Osteoporosis

Symptoms of leg fracture

Any of the following thing happen with you. which are given above. If you are confused that is it a normal injury or a leg fracture?

so here are some symptoms which are in leg fracture.

  • Too much pain and pain increases with movement of leg.
  • There is a swelling in injured area.
  • you will not be able to stand or walk.
  • Skin colour changes to dark clour.
  • Leg twist at injured area.
  • broken leg appear shorter then other leg.
  • severe pain with little movement of leg

Types of leg fractures

There are different kinds of fractures in bone.

Fractured leg - Causes, symptoms and treatment - broken leg treatment
Fractured leg – Causes, symptoms and treatment – broken leg treatment
  • Complete fracture – In this type of fracture bone is broken into two pieces inside body.
  • Incomplete fracture – In this type of bone fracture bone is not completely broken into two. Bone is just cracked.
  • Open fracture – This is one of the most painful kind of fracture. in this Bone is broken into two or more. bone pierced the skin and comes out of skin.
  • Close fracture – In this kind of bone fracture bone is broken inside body but not Pierce the skin.
  • Non-Displaced fracture – Displaced fracture is a type of fracture in which bone is broken into two or more but maintain its original position.
  • Displaced fracture – Displaced fracture is a kind of fracture in which bone is broken into two or more and change its position.
  • Greenstick fracture – This kind of fracture occur generally in kids and infants who have fresh and soft bones. In this type of fracture bone is bent and break.

Treatment of leg fracture

Self care treatment of fractured leg

If you are alone and no one is around you. you can do those treatment for temperary time.

  • Ice pack – First of all you have to apply ice pack on your injured area of leg. Ice will help to reduce swelling of leg and reduce pain.
  • Don’t move – Keep your leg as it is untill some help will come.
  • Elevated – Try to place your leg up with help some thing which will decrease blood flow in leg result in reduced swelling.

Medical treatments of fractured leg


It is a type of medical treatment. In this leg bones which are displaced from their normal position or any bone of body, will be fixed to its normal position by doctors without any surgery.


In cases of multiple fracture, displaced fracture or in fractures which damaged surrounding ligaments or tissue. Those types are fracture is due to accidents or any other causes.

Internal fixation – In this treatment different material such as rods, plates or screws are implanted inside body. For giving support to broken bone.

External fixation – After the treatment or while treatment when internal fixation is not an option or if the bone is just little cracked then external fixation is recommended. External fixation is on the outer surface of body for giving support.

After surgery for fast recovery bone need to fixed on one position. for that some type of methods are used. i.e. plasters or other fixation instruments which give support.


Doctor will see your condition and give medicine accroding to your condition.

Mostly doctors will prescribe medicine which reduce pain and swelling in the body.

Physical therapy after leg fracture

Physiotherapy is the most important step after a leg fracture. Physiotherapy will help you to make your life movable, flexible and easy as before. In Physiotherapy patient will recommend best excercise and treatment.

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