How to make protein powder at home – simple method

So the question is How to make protein powder at home ? When we talk about protein powder then first thing comes in our mind is those big big protein powder cases and bottels.

But have you ever think how long those powders are stored or how much artificial preservatives are added in them. Also artificial colours plus different substances for making taste good.

Lots of artificial things are added in powders available in market, not all protein powders have this type of problem. There are some are good protein powder companies too.

Its very difficult for us to choose right company and products. So lets make protein powder at home with natural things present at home.

What is protein powder ?

Protein powder is a kind of nutritional supplement and concentrated source of protein from milk, eggs, peas, pulses or other good source of protein.

Protein Powder is used for muscle gain, weight loss, production of hormones and other health benefits.

Generally protein powders are used by body builders for muscle gain. Reason behind it is, muscles of our body is mainly made up of proteins, after excercise taking protein suppliment makes increases in muscle gain.

It is also used for fat loss by increasing your metabolism and decreasing hunger and appetite of body.

How to make protein powder at home

lets make simple and most nutritions protein powder at home without any costly ingredients at low price.


  • Almonds – 100g
  • Walnuts – 100g
  • Oats – 50g
  • Pumpkin seeds – 100g
  • Chia seeds – 50g
  • Peanuts – 100g
  • Milk powder – 2 teaspoon

Nutritional content of ingredients

100g of almonds contain – 21.15 g protein

100g of walnuts contain – 15 g protein

50g of oats contain – 6.5 g protein

100g of pumpkin seeds contain – 19 g protein

50g of chia seeds contain – 9 g of protein

100g of peanuts contain – 26 g protein

100g of milk powder contain – 26 g protein

Method of making protein powder at home

Roast – First roast the peanuts in any hot pan for about 5 minutes. After roasting the covering of peanuts easily remove just by rubbing them between your hands.

Grinding – Now put Dry almonds + roasted peanuts + walnuts + oats + pumpkin seeds + chia seeds + milk powder in a jar and grind them all together. Grind them well and with help of spoon also check and make sure there are no big particles of any ingredients.

Additional flavour – You can also add additional flavour in your powder just by adding 4-5 pieces of Cardamom ( Elaichi ).

After grinding them all your home made

powder is ready for use.

In home made protein powder you get good amount of protein along with other essential nutrients which are very useful for bodybuilding and weight loss.

Remember – After making protein powder keep it in a close tight box.

how to drinks protein powder

Its all depends on you how you want to take your protein powder, its all depend on intensity of workout you are doing.

For an average, you can take 1 – 1½ spoon powder with milk or water in a day but if you are working more harder then you can take two times a day in more quantity, according to your workout.

Should I take protein powder with milk or water ?

Its depend on your goal, If you want to build muscles and doing body building then you should take it with milk, for more calories for workout.

But if you are doing weight loss then you can take it with water.

Protein Powder before or after workout or exercise ?

Accroding to a study, there is no effect of taking protein powder before or after workout in person’s body. You can take it according to your comfort before or after workout. You can take it with breakfast.

Benefits of home made protein powder

There are many benefits of home made protein powders over artificial protein powders.

You can drink a fresh home made protein powder drink in your home more then that you can also add flavour of your own as you want. You can also change your flavour every week as you make new batch of power.

Second benefit of making protein powder at home is there will be lot’s of saving as compared to market products. For a concentrated whey protein you spend almost 1000 inr. Almost same thing you make at home in very less cost.

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