When to take whey protein – best time for beginners

Everybody wants a good body in todays world, everyone want to look like celebrities who have physique and you are also one of them. You are also start working for your good physique but the problem is that you don’t konw much about whey protein which is booster for your muscles building process. Also confused about when to take whey protein as you are a beginner. In this article we are going to tell you about when to take whey protein if you are a beginner.

What is protein powder and how it works

Before moving ahead lets first know about what is protein powder and how it works to boost your body building process.

Protein Powders are high source of protein taken from plants or animals for example peas, milk, eggs etc. They are named according to their source from where they are extracted, lets take another example, If the protein powder is extracted from milk then it is called whey protein. If extracted from pea it is called pea protein.

Soo how dose protein powder works ?

Lets understand in simple language, when we do workout, we break our muscles which is made up of protein and when we take rest then protein that we receives from our diet go to broken muscle and rebuilt them.

When we take low quality of protein in our diet, less and slow is the rebuilding process. But if we take protein powder then there is good amount of protein is present for our rebuilding process.

Whey protein and its types

It is a protein made from milk, from the liquid which seperates while cheese making.

There is again three different types of whey protein available in market according to their filtering and processing.

  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Whey protein isolate
  • Whey protein hydrolyzed

Whey protein concentrate contains low protein around 40-60% protein in them.

After further processing of concentrated protein, Whey protein isolate comes and it contains high protein in then around 90% protein.

Whey protein hydrolyzed also contains around 90-95% protein in them and they are most processed protein type. Their amino acids bonds are easily breakable so they are easily and fast digests compared to others.

When to take whey protein

Lets talk about when you should start taking whey protein. Actually many people are confused that when they should start taking whey protein.

If you are a beginner and started your journey of bodybuilding then you can start taking whey protein after starting your exercise or joining gym.

Second question now comes in mind is at what age one should start taking Protein Powder.

If you are under 18 year old then try to take more and more protein from your diet because it is the time when you are preparing your journey so try to make it more natural.

But if you are more then 18 years then you can start taking whey protein and try to increase your dose little little. Don’t be in rush make it easy so your body can adapt it more naturally.

Best time to take whey protein

When you go to gym then you can find many persons who give free advices try to not follow their advices blindly without proper knowledge.

According to a study there are three prime time at which you should take protein which are

  • At breakfast
  • After workout ( post workout )
  • Before bed

Those are the three prime time at which your body is on high demand of protein.

When you get up in morning your metabolism is high at that time, your Protein intake is very good for your muscles.

After workout your muscles break and body needs more and more amino acids to rebuild those break muscle.

Around 1 hour before sleep protein intake is very beneficial because you are going to take a 6-7 hours break in night where you don’t eat anything so its recommend to take protein powder with milk. Milk will slow down the process so you can get proper protein at night also.

Dosage of whey protein

When we talk about dosage of whey protein then is about 20-30 grams per day is recommended. It depends on weight and size of a person, also depends on how much you are able to digest.

Before taking whey protein read the instructions given in box. It will tell you about how much protein is there in one scoop/100 gram.

There is a myth among many people that high consumption of protein makes their muscles fast and big. The reality is that your body will only accept protein upto a limit. High intake of protein makes person sick.

Benefits of whey protein

There are numerous scientifically proven health benefits of whey protein. Some health benefits are listed below.

  • Whey protein has very high Nutritional values
  • It is easily digested
  • One of the best source for dietary protein
  • Muscles growth is fast and high in whey protein
  • Also helps in lowering blood pressure
  • It is helpful for people with diabetes
  • Helpful in inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Decreases cholesterol level
  • Reduce hunger for long time
  • Very much helpful in weight loss

Some best whey protein in market

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